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December 30th 2010
Population Four at the BBC you can see Sean Mcginty lurking in the background

Population Four at the BBC you can see Sean Mcginty lurking in the background

December 30th 2010


December 30th 2010

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

This year we have played a bazillion shows. We’ve driven a long way and drunk more energy drinks that I care to remember, we’ve met a ton of new people, and we’ve had a damn fine time doing the damn thing. We’ve taken some very serious knocks that you’ll probably never hear about, but we’ve kept going.

Our E.P has been around for a while now. And we got an amazing review in rock sound as well as a ton of other places (and a fairly lack lustre one from punktastic) some people have actually bought it, which surprises me every day. But I can sincerely say thank you to everyone who has paid his or her actual own genuine money to own it. 

Thank you to the licence fee payers, who, because of the unique way in which the BBC is funded, have given us the opportunity to appear on what I think is (and I’m rambling here) one of the greatest media organisations on the planet. Second only to the Guardian in my very humble and very left wing opinion. Thank you to Sean Mcginty for being kind enough to have us on not once, but twice after I was too ill to perform on the first show

Thank you to the lovely people at Lava TV for putting our music video on the actual genuine television. One of the coolest things that happened this whole year was when our video came on at 6 in the morning when we we’re still up partying after a show form the night before.

Thank you to the good people at Dean and D Drum for letting us open the Dean DOA event this year. And thank you to the very patient bouncers who didn’t kick our asses when we had rather a lot to drink after we had played. 

Thank you to the wonderful people at the Agency Group and 53 degrees for letting us play with The Blackout that was a seriously fantastic night for me personally. and thank you to the Angel Of Metal for somehow making it all happen.

Thank you to Better Left Alone for playing, what was for my money, the coolest gig of the whole year, at a little place in Penwortham. Despite what you might have heard, we don’t hate one another, or at the very least, we don’t hate them. you’ll have to ask them about us for yourself.

Thank you to everyone who helped us put together, or appears in, our new music video (you know who you are) it looks brilliant, and it will be doing the rounds very soon.

Thank you to every single person who came to see us at a show. without you we couldn’t do this

Thank you to every band, who ever showed up on time for a gig, because we do, and so should you.

Much love to…

Next Stop Atlanta, Failsafe, Make Me King, Me Vs Hero, Better Left Alone, The Blackout, Blitz Kids, Wolf, Storm Corporation, Sa-Da-Ko, Kingdom of Dead Men, Hooker, Swear Finger, Afterdown, Sworn to Oath, March, Last Lungs, Skin The Pig, Ocean City Lights, So Long Astoria (rip), Open the Skies (rip) Silver Medal Massacre, Boy Cry Wolf, Joe Public, Disciple, Ella Carrera, Ruins, Bury me beneath the waves, Red XIII, Season of Chaos, Framed at the Crime Scene, A Carnal Elect, Subject 7, To The Bones, White swallow, Azure world, Hell to pay, Hope. Break. Legend, Incidium, Death trip, Massive Wagons, KatManDu, Loading Bay, The Cariolis, effect, Suicidle Pigeons, The Valentyns, Moth Circus 

…and a hundred other bands who’s names I have forgotten, but if we’ve shared gear with you, or played on the same stage as you then you have our collective thanks. AND as I type this, you all have nothing but my personal eternal thanks and respect

 Love - Rick P4

January 16th 2011

Population Four -This Town Will Drag You Down

January 16th 2011

Old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

Have you seen our NEW video?

So. At the end of November I rushed to our practice room to find what can only be described as a fleet of vehicles loading up gear to deliver it all to a pace about half a mile down the road, a place that you can call 53 Degrees.]

It was raining by the time we got there, well this is the north of England what were you expecting? Anyway since we’re not U2 we had to help out with the loading and moving of all things music video related. But we braved the elements and it all got set up pretty quickly and we were really excited to get the shoot going.

It took about 8 hours to shoot the whole thing. We did what felt like a thousand takes, although on reflection I think it was more like 30 to 50 takes. I’m really not sure exactly how many it was. How tiring this was can be eloquently summed up by ceres’ closing comment of “In the next video can we not have to rock out.” But on this one night, rock out we did. For ever… and ever.

The camera wizardry was bough to you by a chap called Mycho (or mike) and his team of associates, or Johnny and Al. You might have seen the video his company did for Exit State that made it to number one requested video on Kerrang last year. It’s rather nice.

One of the trade offs we have to make as a smaller band is the cost of shooting and editing vs what we actually want the video too be. I remember, as a much younger man, reading an interview with Alexisonfire where they said their first video “Pulmonary Archery” was a performance only video for exactly that reason.

 I mean, we wanted to put out a high quality product, but the cost of shooting at multiple locations and inserting a narrative in to the video would have meant that in the end we would have had to put something out that was lower quality. I think we made the right decision, and if you watch the video in its high definition eyeball hugging loveliness, I think you will agree that the chaps at Mycho Pictures did a right boss job.

 As well as the performance section based bit of the video we have stuck in clips of people who have helped us out over the past few years. It’s important that anyone watching the video knows that it’s not just about us. All the people that feature, in front of or worked behind the camera mage a really important contribution to the final product we contacted a lot more people to get permission to put them in, and If you didn’t make the final cut I can only apologise we just didn’t have time to put everyone in!

 This video has been in the works for literally six months, it just took us a long time to get the right location sorted and to find someone to shoot it. We wanted to room on stage to go nuts and we wanted to find someone who was going to be fun to work with, and I think we got both of those things just right. We’re very very happy with the result. And we hope you like it too!

 By the way did you spot Si and Ceres getting our beer back from the customer service desk of the… wait for it… National History Museum. Trust me, its in there. One of the most novelty moments of my life was reading a receipt given to me by a security guard that read “Two Times bags of beer – Blue”

click the title of the page to go to our main page where the video is posted or follow this link to watch it

So thanks to.

Tyrone Hill, Nick Brierly, Eddy Robinson’s Right Fore Arm, Joe Ivers, Joe (public) Sutton, The kids at Penwortham, Michael Dixon, Jonny Raw, Alex Hargreaves, Vicky Bradley, Gareth Gladwinfield, Abby Hart, Stean Kurt Kinley, Michael Brooks and Sinead Kilpatrick for ether being in the video, or being there on the night. And sincere apologies if I missed anyone off!


January 27th 2011

Some live performance shenanigans - Nomads @ The Tiv in Buckly Wales.

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