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January 27th 2011

Some live performance shenanigans - Nomads @ The Tiv in Buckly Wales.

January 31st 2011

Rapper’s share the same philosophy as Cats in the lives department.

9 Days…9 Opponents…9Lives On the 23rd October 2010, Joe Public AKA J Toker, Disciple & J Walk toured the UK battling 9 different opponents over 9 consecutive days. In association with 9Lives Clothing, Don’t Flop Entertainment & N.S.R 

IX Lives

Early on a Saturday morning I was in the car with Ceres driving to Liverpool For the penultimate day of the Nine Lives Battle Tour. After we had parked and got down to the battle event we soon bumped in to Joe Public. The key architect and performer of the Nine Lives Battle Tour. He looked tired. But certainly not beaten.

I would like to think I know Joe well, and I can tell you first had he loves his creature comforts, I was amazing that after being on the road for over a week he was in such a good mood. Even more amazing is that Joe had not only been on the road for over a week, but he had been sleeping for the most part in a three-door seat Ibiza, The back seats of which he would describe to me a few weeks later as  “the coffin” after spending a sleepless night trying to mould his 6’4 frame in to a comfortable position for some much needed sleep.

It’s worth mentioning that when quizzed about the back seat sleeping arrangements of the Seat Ibiza, Jordan who along with Matty was one of the intrepid Duo that accompanied Joe on the Nine Lives Battle Tour sated that it was “like a prisoner of war camp.” I direct you promptly to the Life two video, so that you to can see the horror in his eyes when he talks about a night sleeping in the car, seriously from 59 seconds in, look at his eyes, he seems haunted by the memory. Go on, Episode 2 59 seconds in, share the horror.

Anyway when we caught up with the tour for the day in Liverpool it was all going swimmingly. The battles in Liverpool, featuring O’shae and Innuendo, we’re amongst the best of the whole tour, if you don’t believe me then check out the link to the you tube that was set up for the tour (it’s at the end of the Blog) and watch the tour videos for yourself.

Speaking of the tour videos I was lucky enough along with some of the other guys from Pop Four to see advanced previews of all the videos as Joe was editing them. Please dear reader, keep that in mind, Not only did the poor lad book al the dates, drive from each battle to the next, but he also spent weeks afterwards editing the footage from the tour. All the footage recorded on the Population Four video camera I might add. A fact I disclose for the sake of journalistic integrity. In fact one of the battles (in Liverpool) was filmed by none other than Population Four’s very own Paul Ceres. Bassist, German, Idiot. I had volunteered to do it, but to be honest; I almost certainly would have dropped the camera mid way through. So it’s perhaps better that Ceres took care of it. Alas I digress. My ramblings side it’s worth noting that At the time of writing the number of views on the videos is coming in at a total of 20,490. I think that’s rather bloody impressive.

Anyway, Back to Liverpool, Impressive turnout, great battles and over all a cracking day. It ended on a note too funny, or alternatively to offensive, to tell you about in detail, but imagine you will the conclusion of the event, it looked a lot like this… Joe running out of the venue after his final battle and jumping in to the back of a car that promptly drove away from one or two rather burly and somewhat irritable liverpudlians, or is the correct terminology scousers? (I wouldn’t want to offend anyone, answers to that one on the back of a postcard if you please.)

This however was not the most ridiculous thing that the forlorn trio of Matty, Joe and Jordan, got themselves tied up in. Chatting with Joe about the tour few weeks after it had reached it’s conclusion he told me tales of drowning horses, the illicit actions of traffic wardens, Gypsies, Missing hash browns, Tour food (which from what I can tell having watched the videos consists of a full English breakfast, crisps, biscuits and sandwidges) and of course sneaking more people in to hotel room than you have paid for, or would strictly be allowed to have in there.  Go check out E.p. 3 at 10:03 for what more information on that last one, I believe it’s referred to in the video as “Doppelganger Territory.” I’m honestly not sure if half the stories he told me were true, but I’m not one to let the truth get in the way of a bloody good tale.

This is the reality of a tour for an unsigned musician. We don’t have money, we don’t have spare time, and we don’t have anyone else to do it for us. But what any unsigned talent (that has lasted more than a year) has in abundance is determination, self-belief and if nothing else, a well honed sense to know when it’s better to laugh about, or make light of, a difficult situation. In the Nine Lives Battle Tour video’s you will find all these things in abundance. If nothing else, it’s worth checking out the Nine Live Battle Tour just so you can get a real glimpse of what it’s like being an unsigned Musician.

The battles are fantastic, the sheer volume of traffic they have attracted on you tube is a fitting testament to the amount of effort and creativity that has gone In to the tour. Including both the performing at battles, the promotion of the tour, and all the preparation that went in to it. Even if rap battles aren’t your thing, I urge you to go and watch the tour diaries just to see how funny they are. I can only capture small snippets of what it must have been like but thankfully you need not rely solely on the medium of text. Here for your audiovisual delectation is a link that will show you all of the events I have described illustrated via the medium of video.

SO got your self over to and watch the crap out of these video’s but be careful when your there because disciple might decided to build a building around you that you will never get out of. (E.p. 3. 9:31 Hilarious)

J-Toker  AKA Joe Public. Or as I like to call him Joe. You have done an amazing job.


February 07th 2011
Come see how good Cooko looks.

Come see how good Cooko looks.

February 13th 2011

You would need an awfully big ladder.

Hey everyone hope you’re having a delightful Sunday evening.

Just a quick blog to let you know we’ve hooked up with the people over at Paint The Stars Clothing, We’ve got some of there tasty threads making there way to right now and we’re very excited that they’ve decided to give us some support!

If you have a few seconds to spare take a merry internet jaunt over to their website and feast your eyes on the clothing they’re putting out. It’s Totally Rad. Hell They’ve even got a teeshirt that says so.

I bet you can guess whose got there hands on A “Totally Rad” tee… Yep. Daff.

So a big thank you to Paint The Stars. and of course a big thank you to all of you guys as well, happy Sunday everyone

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February 14th 2011
Dave Just after Sound Check - Taken By Joe Ivers -

Dave Just after Sound Check - Taken By Joe Ivers -

February 14th 2011
Recording I am 2008

Recording I am 2008

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